Form versus Function


+-*Form versus Function. You might not think that the difference between a web site and a web solution would be huge, but it could make a huge difference to your business. You see, when it comes to designing a web site, it shouldn’t just be about the pretty picture; it should be about delivering a […]

Are All Cookies Monsters?


+-*Are all Cookies monsters? What’s this about biscuits? Not biscuits actually, but cookies. Here’s a question for you: Well, two actually: does your business run a website that is a core element of your marketing, and do you use any kind of analytical service or tracking system to monitor the activity of visitors to your […]

King Nothing


+-*Who Wants To Be King Nothing? If you’re reading this and you’re a website owner, and you haven’t researched your target keywords to the nth degree, you might want to look away now. Our downfall, as web business owners, is that we always think we know what’s right. After all, it was us that came […]

To Respond, or Not To Respond?


+-*To Respond, or Not To Respond? That is an incredibly stupid question. Let’s face it, the world is going mobile. I accept the fact that more than half the world still isn’t online, but do you seriously think they’re going to eventually join us in this Mobile Revolution by booting up an old IBM 486 […]

Protect Your CMS Website


+-*Protect Your CMS Website. Picture the scene: you wake up one beautiful sunny morning, remembering the dream you had last night in which you created the most wonderful, insightful, SEO friendly article for your blog. Full of energy and creative spirit, you are determined to get this beautiful piece of work on your site before […]

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